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At Kiddle, we design and test every kit while making sure it evokes your child’s interests. Leveraging our deep insights on knowledge of science, math, technology, and product expertise, our team has put together STREAM learning kits that can creatively help your kids experience a new kind of education.
Why Kiddle?

In most cases, kids learn to score marks but fail to apply the same concepts in the physical world. We observe various parameters of a kid’s development cycle and implement them to bring about the necessary developments from a young age.

What is STEM?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education which integrates these critical subjects into local curriculums to prepare kids for the new era of technology. It incorporates Reading skills into the STEM model, providing learners with critical thinking, creativity, and technical skill sets.

Benefits of Kiddle

Easily Understandable

Kiddle focuses primarily on children's kits, which are easy to understand for them.

Complete Package

We provide a comprehensive package for kids to develop their knowledge with manuals and explainer videos.

Improves Child's Development Cycle

Kits by kiddle focuses on linking the book-driven curriculum and real-world applications, developing your child's knowledge.

Practical Education

Kids are nurtured with education in practical ways rather than just theoretical classes.